Stackable Style: Geodes and Sparkle

We recently added new bangles to the gallery and we have quickly fallen in love. These gold bangles are easy to mix and match and look great stacked on top of each other! The geodes especially give the bracelets a very unique and glamorous look!  

The first bracelet we have features purple geode stones as well as purple amethyst stones. This is definitely one of our favorite pieces. It has very luxurious feel but is actually very affordable as it is priced at only $20.

The second bracelet features four purple mother of pearl stones. This one looks great stacked in between the first bracelets!  

The next bracelets feature two stones each. We call these stones our shimmering stones because they are truly dazzling when they hit the light! 

Our next bracelet features white mother of pearl stones. This bracelet is very versatile and can be paired with many other colors. 

Our next bracelet features the soft gold shimmering stones. Like the purple shimmering stones, these look stunning when they hit the light! 

Next up we have our Amber geode and ivory stone bracelet. This is a great piece because it is neutral enough to pair with many other pieces and colors but bold enough to make a statement on its own. 

Our last bracelet features our black shimmering stones. This piece looks great with a wide variety of outfits and can be worn in relaxed settings as well as more dressy occasions. 

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed seeing our stackable styles! If you are interested in purchasing the braceltes featured in this post they are available in store as well as in our online shop!