Spotlight: Hot Skwash

Today we are doing a spotlight on one of our favorite brands that the store carries. Hot Skwash by Daria is a unique family run business that designs and manufactures home decor.

The company is known for their beautifully crafted silk velvet pumpkins, but has been consistently expanding to include other elements such as Swarovski crystal and bead work. Every pumpkin features a natural stem with "Daria" handwritten in gold letters on it, demonstrating its authenticity. 

In addition to pumpkins Hot Skwash has created other beautiful products including truffles, acorns, and strawberries. 

The brand has been growing in popularity, and we understand why! Their products make for the most gorgeous tabletop decor and have inspired people to become avid collectors worldwide! 

Thank you for reading!

If you would like to purchase Hot Skwash products from Sarnoff's Paloma Art Gallery please visit our store or call (520) 577-9224.

For more information about Hot Skwash please visit their website at: