Festive and Fun Holiday Decor Part Two

We are continuing our holiday decor series today with even more fun holiday goodies!  

Our first holiday favorite is Hot Skwash! We love these handmade velvet pumpkins all year round but we think the holiday colors are especially beautiful! 

Here is a closeup of this beautiful Hot Skwash display! We think the large red velvet pumpkin with the feather plumes is absolutely stunning! 

We love to mix match different sizes of pumpkins, it creates a beautiful display! 

We are also loving these holiday mugs! They have gold lettering and festive phrases across the front.  Here we have them sitting on top of our Mariposa tray. 

The mugs look extra festive with our favorite rose gold twinkle lights! 

Lastly we have a closeup of one of our gallery Christmas trees.we love all the ornaments mixed in with the rose gold twinkle lights! 

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed these holiday items! If you would like more information about any of these items or would like to purchase them please stop by the gallery or follow this link to the holiday section of our shop: